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Glad you said this. People definitely romanticize life in All day I dream About Latin Dance Colorful Flowers shirt. Just to highlight the leanFIRE and/or expat community alot of them are here because they couldn’t function in the West and have some serious moral/ethical issues. Remember meeting a retired Yank in a bar with his Thai wife who went on an anti-Semitic rant about Mark Zuckerberg and the coming downfall of America. And that was about par for the course among some of the creepy old guys.

All day I dream About Latin Dance Colorful Flowers shirtS

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ladies tee
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Ha, I had the exact same experience in Thailand. I was sitting in this coffee shop in a market and sharing a table with this expat. He went on to talk about how Jews control the All day I dream About Latin Dance Colorful Flowers shirt, that they hold all the political power, he even was trying to convince me that Richard Nixon and others were actually Jewish. He didn’t know I was Jewish, but I let him speak because I really wanted to wrap my head around someone like this. As I said in my earlier response. you tend to become friends with people that you ordinarily would not be friends with the back home because you’re just looking for some type of familiarity.I’m from a country in the Eastern EU. Some of those are only very marginally different than the US and you can easily live on $1k/mo perfectly All day I dream About Latin Dance Colorful Flowers shirt in most of the cities that are not the capital. Thailand’s pretty nice, but baht appreciated shitloads making it a little less affordable. Other currencies depreciated at the same time. I love huge cities. I want to move to Mexico City. Why? Because it’s a mega metro and still cheap (by US income standards). I also take OP’s point that going somewhere foreign is truly that.

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