Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas shirt

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Fire which has been contained in the flat by the use of fire doors and correctly specified and installed windows and other openings but the people above and below are trying to escape down the stairwell hampering the efforts of the firefighters. Still want to escape when you can? The problem with Grenfell was the substandard cladding and poorly installed windows and fire doors, not the Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas Sweater efforts of the Firefighters! If I had flames lapping around my backside last thing I would think sensible to do is to sit tight! I’d try and escape not giving one crap what anyone said! Would you be a sheep and just stay there obediently? To be fair, the fire brigade themselves, conceded afterward that the advice given wasn’t the best. Their advice was understandable had the cladding been fire retardant, which sadly it wasn’t. The advice was given as a means of preventing loss of life through panic, but let’s be honest.

Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas shirts

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ladies tee
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longsleeve tee

How many could have predicted how fast that fire would spread. Sadly, 72 lives were lost and recent finger-pointing and being critical of the fire brigade not just by Rees-Mogg but others as well is unfair and unjust given how much bravery was shown during that fire. Sullivan agreed and that was part of the reason for that advice, along with panic. Bottom line is, that the cladding should not have been on the Ho Ho Hol Mir Ein Bier Ugly Christmas Sweater building. Obvious now, I know, but we have had building regs specifying fire retardant materials since before I was in college over 30 years ago. That’s not the point though, Paul. Rees-Mogg was saying that he’s a better person than those in the building and would have done the ‘common sense’ thing. Of course, if those people had been killed fleeing instead of doing what they were told to do, he’d now be saying that he’d have followed the rules and stayed. Basically he sees himself.

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