Merry Christmas Shalom To You All Shirt

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We are now seeing the country come out of the austerity we’ve had to suffer, after the mess the economy was left in by the last Labour government. The Tories will get this sorted. Watch this space! It’s not ago, only a few weeks, that a politician from the US said on camera that it was unfair that the citizens of the Merry Christmas Shalom To You All Sweater have to pay vast amounts for medication when the British do not. Why would it bother them if they weren’t hoping to get their hands on the NHS? Not one of them can lie straight in bed! Is there even one politician who can be trusted? I don’t think so! I am asking about the obvious one issue that the likes of Farage think is the only thing that we as a country should be concerned about, Brexit. I have mostly been a Tory voter but the shower that is at the top of the heap are not those who I want me and my family’s futures hands in. They really do not show that they have.

Merry Christmas Shalom To You All Shirts

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ladies tee
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longsleeve tee

The best interests of the country at heart only how best they themselves will gain! I’ve been asking that question since people voted out, never had one reply from anyone that appears to be beneficial, all I get is 17.4 million, you lost suck it up, etc. So much for the Tories deal being the worst deal ever and he wouldnt support them! What a sham this election is going to be – it’s all about Brexit and shouldn’t be. Farage has to be so full of himself to even consider that people might vote for his party. He is a problem with his party, nothing else. Couldn’t even get into UK parliament on his own merit, so decided to have go at EMP. Far too big-headed to think any further than himself. If the tory’s paid Farage so why the Merry Christmas Shalom To You All Sweater hell will people vote for him and tory its all money about these parties I will and I have been voting labour. Total surrender by Farage and his Brexit company!

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