My Broom Broke so now I drive a Race Car shirt

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we don’t even have the slightest idea of how the DNA works as a whole, and they are talking about fixing 89% of the genetic defects. we don’t even understand the My Broom Broke so now I drive a Race Car shirt-order mechanism of how DNA works on the smallest organism and there are donkeys out there talking about solving a genetic problem that has been around for millions of years let alone second and third-order consequences of what we mess with will result down the line. not only this is foolish, but it’s also outright dangerous. I think it’s time for those scientists to curve their optimism and get back to the lab.

My Broom Broke so now I drive a Race Car shirtS

ladies tee
ladies tee
longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

Cue people writing cliché warnings about playing God, and urging us all to be content with a wide array of genetically caused illnesses The My Broom Broke so now I drive a Race Car shirt humans have so many imperfections is in nature the strongest genetic pull survives. We keep even those with bad Gene’s alive and when they breed causes more imperfect genes and will only get worse as we choose to have kids much later in life. We are breeding bad genes.

All this fear and pessimism! I wonder if anyone of you naysayers takes penicillin when you get an infection. The My Broom Broke so now I drive a Race Car shirt are no limits to what humans can achieve, and I’m positive if some kind of DNA improvement vaccine was created to make you become healthier and live longer you would all try it instantly. If they would simply make people better looking, almost all other problems would immediately go away Glad to hear there were no deaths. Help one another and be strong and rebuild.


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