Santa Claus Dabbing Jack Daniel’s shirt

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All nonsense – he doesn’t like Indian food and I do, who cares? As an international person I eat Indian twice a month, and of coarse French Spanish Mexican middle eastern Chinese Korean and Japanese, it always depends on the Santa Claus Dabbing Jack Daniel’s shirt for the taste but they are all good Tbh it’s fine if ppl say they don’t like a certain food, everyone tastes things differently and some things that are pleasant to you can taste nasty to others. But saying that some type of food is “terrible” is just disrespectful. If you don’t like it don’t eat it and just say it’s not something you can enjoy or that you can’t really handle it.

Santa Claus Dabbing Jack Daniel’s shirts

longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

You usually wouldn’t go to a friend’s house and say their food is complete garbage when they offer it to you, you’d try to at least respectful about it. Plus there are some people who are genetically more or less sensitive to certain flavors (ex: supertasters). Just eat whatever the hell you want and let other people eat whatever the Santa Claus Dabbing Jack Daniel’s shirt they want. American cuisine is tasteless so yes he probably is missing the tasty gene was in Las Vegas food was horrible and tasteless – even their Chinese meal was rank and how can you go wrong with Chinese and as for the abomination called pancake with egg, bacon, maple syrup by the jug and cream yeugh – never again.

ladies tee
ladies tee

Authentic Indian (broad term) food is gorgeous. Working in an Indian restaurant, the staff curry (authentic home-cooked) was my favorite. Totally different from the Santa Claus Dabbing Jack Daniel’s shirt things on menus. It works both ways I know loads of Indians who won’t eat anything else but Indian food living in Europe and the US.

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