washington nationals 2019 world series champions howie Kendrick Davie Martinez shirt

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It doesn’t matter what Brexit deal anyone comes up within the real world, it will never be the real Brexit for Nigel. Because that would be the end of his career wouldn’t it? He is just scaremongering other parties, his candidate will never make it as MP, no clear manifesto beside Brexit, and since he doesn’t like the latest deal, there will be no Brexit if he gets MPs in Parliament because they will be voting against anything to do with the new deal. He is just a self indulge clown.

washington nationals 2019 world series champions howie Kendrick Davie Martinez shirts

ladies tee
ladies tee
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longsleeve tee

Britain really has now hit an all-time low we must have the worst political party leaders EVER not one of them is fit to be leader of this once great country whichever one we get stuck with this country will be on a fast track to disaster So many decent ordinary people who voted Leave are, I fear, sadly, going to be the ones that pay the highest price. Led to believe that the EU was the problem by the narcissistic Farage and self-serving well off Tories.I reckon Farage doesn’t really want Brexit to happen. He’ll lose his EU parliamentary salary and his whole reason to exist. He loves sniping from the sidelines, racking up guest appearances and making a killing from after-dinner speech fees. All this whilst moaning that the country was robbed if we end up staying and disingenuously claiming to be anti-establishment. The man is a total fraud. Speaks for the unpopulists that have no say, meaning or power, standing up for all of the Democracies that should count as all having equal rights, it’s about all, not just the privileged lol.

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